Kicking Some


A positive success story about the diagnosis, treatment, and life of a child living with PANDAS Disease.

Our family’s success story

of How we’re kicking some Pandass!

Staying positive and being flexible is the key to our family’s successes when navigating the uncharted waters of PANDAS.

How it all started

Most parents can relate to trying just about anything to help their children stay positive and excited, especially as it relates to their health.  Eric did just that when he kept his 10-year old, Justin, enthusiastic about staying positive about his PANDAS treatment and Justin got to say the phrase “We are Kicking Some PANDASS!” Being able to legitimately use an otherwise frowned upon expression added to the “coolness” of the situation for our 10-year-old –-and it worked!

After a long process of diagnosis and research, Justin’s dad put together some info of  what’s been working for them. All daily activities and consumptions were considered, but what we found to be most successful is based on routines, diet, and activities. Read About What Worked for Us – here!


What is PANDAS Disorder?

PANDAS  is short for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Dsorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections.

Who is Affected by PANDAS Disorder?

PANDAS disorder is referred to as a pediatric disorder because it is most common in children between the ages of 3 and 12 years and affects more boys than girls. According to research, the disorder rarely occurs in adults & adolescents.


Typical Symptoms of PANDAS Disorder

PANDAS is commonly triggered by a strep infection. The initial symptoms of a child with PANDAS Disorder include Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and tic disorders (repetitive, involuntary sounds and movements which are usually hard to control).

The information gathered and provided here is not intended to replace your medical treatment or any proper medical procedures by a Medical Doctor. This is just simply our story of what has helped our family during a difficult time and we hope this collection of info helps you and your family. 

Out of 400 children diagnosed


4-9 years old is most common age group

It may be rare but you’re not alone.

Diagnosing PANDAS disorder

PANDAS disorder is a medical condition discovered in a patient by a process of elimination. Therefore, before a patient can be accurately diagnosed with PANDAS, they have to test positive for other symptoms first. Major symptoms include OCD and Anxiety Disorder.

Please make sure you consult with your family physician for diagnosing and treating PANDAS Disorder, but if you would like a reference to someone who helped us along the way, please check out Dr. Rob (Dr. Robert Ciafone officially) to whom we are extremely grateful for his guidance, patience and professionalism throughout:   Meet Dr. Rob.

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